Hey there! Welcome to iLang.io, the coolest FREE language exchange community that's growing super fast around the globe! Every day, we get tons of new folks joining us, so you've got plenty of chances to make awesome new friends and find great people to swap languages with for a fun and long-lasting learning ride.

Why iLang.io Rocks?

We're super careful about who joins our gang. Our top-notch moderation team checks out every new member to make sure our place is safe and sound, free from those annoying scammers or fake accounts you might bump into elsewhere. It's all about keeping things cool and safe for everyone who's really into learning languages.

Does iLang.io Really Work?

Yup, it sure does! But here's the deal: iLang.io is more like a worldwide hangout spot where you get to meet folks from all corners of the planet. This is your shot to chat with people you'd probably never run into otherwise. You and your new pals get to figure out the best ways to practice together, including which video and audio tools to use to make language learning super effective and fun.

How Safe is iLang.io?

Keeping you safe is our top priority. Every single member has to pass through our detailed check-in process to make sure they're the real deal and all about serious language learning. Plus, we've got this cool selfie verification (that's the blue badge thing) to prove that everyone is who they say they are. And don't worry about your personal info — it's all locked up tight and encrypted, with only what you want to share showing up on your profile.

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